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This is a great Amazon Author One-on-One interview with two of my favorite writers producing fiction right now. They talk about their writing processes, dealing with success, and balancing time between writing and their family. 

Sanderson: For me, when I go to a forum where people are talking about fantasy, and they’re talking about me, that’s been a surreal experience because just a few years ago I could participate in forum discussions and no one knew who I was, but now the conversations are partially about me. Reconciling that has been an interesting experience for me, and I can only imagine it’s been even more so for you because your career has skyrocketed faster than mine. The Wise Man’s Fear is probably the second most highly anticipated fantasy novel of the near future, right after A Dance with Dragons. How does it make you feel? Rothfuss: That's easy to answer: Terrified.

It’s a long interview, but what else would you expect from two talented writers known for their work in epic fantasy? If you’re interested in the craft of writing, or are just a fan of their work, you’ll enjoy this one.