Roger Ebert: Hunt not the Snark but the Snarker

Posted on Sun 12 April 2009 in Dispatches • 1 min read

This post from Roger Ebert about snark both in print and on the Internet is worth a read for all of us, especially those of us that pride ourselves on our wit. You and I may not agree with all of his examples, but it has several core points that are worth considering. It’s not that I (or Ebert for that matter) think that snark should be done away with, it has more to do with confronting the dark intention of snark and understanding that before we engage in it. That dark intention is identified by Ebert as:

[Snark] functions as a device to punish human spontaneity, eccentricity, non-conformity and simple error.

Read it, and let me know what you think. (Comments will hopefully return sometime soon.)