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Quote: Gizmodo's Scoop on New WotC License
·375 words·2 mins
Quotes d&d ttrpg
The new version of the license is “over 9,000 words long”, and, well, it sounds pretty bad.
Quote: Washington Post on the Black Contractor Who Took Down Richmond's Confederate Statues
·199 words·1 min
Quotes news antirascism history
This is a great profile from the Washington Post on Devon Henry, the contractor who took on the city of Richmond’s contract to remove their confederate statues, and the challenges he faced along the way.
Quoting Chuck Wendig on defending your time for work
·275 words·2 mins
Quotes writing
Some great advice from Chuck Wendig to start your new year. As a writer, everyone wants a piece of you. They treat the act of writing as an unserious endeavor, failing to see it as the result of the three corners of art, craft and work.


Vijith Assar on Security Risks from Billionaires
·118 words·1 min
Quotes tech security open source
Writing for Wired, Vijith Assar raises some excellent points on how bad actors with capital are the most dangerous threat to any system. Capital can kill code. Capital can kill anything.
Kris Nóva on Scalable Systems
·138 words·1 min
Quotes tech
I am a firm believer that no system is ever “designed” for the consequences of high adoption. This is especially true with regard to Mastodon, as most of our team has never operated a production Mastodon instance before.
Quoting Nilay Patel: Welcome to Hell, Elon
·158 words·1 min
Quotes social media twitter tech
The whole article is 🔥 and well worth a read, but this part of the conclusion hits the crux of Musk’s new dillema. The essential truth of every social network is that the product is content moderation, and everyone hates the people who decide how content moderation works.
Quote from Laurie Penny
·39 words·1 min
Quotes cryptocurrency
Draw me your map of utopia and I’ll tell you your tragic flaw. — Laurie Penny, Ship of Fools This is the opening line from Laurie Penny’s piece on a cryptocurrency-centered cruise.
John Darnielle on Aging
·181 words·1 min
Quotes aging john darnielle
I’m over fifty. Being over fifty is miraculous. You get just a broader view on your previous iterations of yourself, and they all look like miserable failures. But I’m told that the next errand is to have pity on them.


Wisdom from Molly Conway
·21 words·1 min
You don’t have to monetize your joy. — Molly Conway, The Modern Trap of Feeling Obligated to Turn Hobbies Into Hustles


NY Review of Books: A Universe of One's Own
·123 words·1 min
Quotes sff books history
[Joanna] Russ had no patience for a genre predicated on the notion of speculative technologies but unable to imagine social institutions and women’s roles in them as freely. She would surely have objected to some of the stories in The Future Is Female.
Warren Ellis on making mistakes
·106 words·1 min
Quotes art
Warren Ellis’ commencement speech to University of Essex at Southend is a delight to read. I particularly loved this bit. Making mistakes happens when you’re trying something new. It’s how you know you’re bending the envelope.
Jacinda Ardern's inspiring response to the Christchurch shooting
·158 words·1 min
Quotes news
This is a hell of a speech from New Zealand’s PM on the Christchurch shooting. We cannot know your grief, but we can walk with you at every stage. We can.
Xia Jia on time
·97 words·1 min
I gave a lecture on time travel where, using the “butterfly effect,” I explained that we cannot predict the weather or one’s trajectory in life accurately. Every second in our past matters equally.


Warren Ellis and professional OpSec
·138 words·1 min
Quotes privacy satire
Warren Ellis on limiting your availability for both productivity and OpSec: When you reply to this, it doesn’t go to my main email. It goes to a public-facing email account that I have to manually go to.


Merlin Mann on a better media diet
·54 words·1 min
Quotes social media politics
Politics, celebrity gossip, business headlines, tech punditry, odd news, and user-generated content. These are the chew toys that have made me sad and tired and cynical. — Merlin Mann, Better
John Darnielle's Lyrics Slay Me
·307 words·2 mins
Quotes music podcasts
When you punish a person for dreaming his dream, don’t expect him to thank or forgive you. — The Mountain Goats, “Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton" I’ve been listening to the podcast I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats, which is a wonderful show about music, being an artist, and what it means to be a fan.
N.K. Jemisin on the secret of oppression
·107 words·1 min
Quotes politics
Tell them they can be great someday, like us. Tell them they belong among us, no matter how we treat them. Tell them they must earn the respect which everyone else receives by default.
Manguso on anxiety
·35 words·1 min
Quotes anxiety mental health
Worry is impatience for the next horror. — Sarah Manguso, 300 Arguments Manguso’s 300 Arguments is a wonderful and quick read. This passage keeps floating to the top of my mind, and refuses to leave.
Warren Ellis on myth as a carrier wave
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Quotes myth
I ended a talk in Manchester a couple of years ago with this: Magic is our language and our story, and we can’t ride the ghost train into a future of haunted machines without them.


Quote: Charlie Jane Anders on Sentences for Fiction
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Quotes writing
People will advise you to write all sorts of sentences. Snappy sentences, lyrical sentences, Hemingway-esque short sentences, long Faulknerian sentences. But there’s really only one kind of sentence that actually works: a sentence that carries the reader forward from the previous sentence.