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Short Story


A Heart Has Roots of Flame and Blood
·5641 words·27 mins
Short Story horror
Miranda watches as the tree’s purple roots slowly lap blood from the frozen topsoil. They twist and slither over the ground, pushing away the pebbles that surround its base, looking for every last drop within their reach.
Memories of Stars
·2908 words·14 mins
Short Story horror science fiction
I am collecting rocks at the edge of the wilderness when Talik finds me. I hear him before I see him, wings flapping as he flies between crumbling towers towards the open expanse of my improvised quarry.


What His Sister Told Him
·2753 words·13 mins
Short Story horror
This piece was written for the Kopoint Halloween Special of 2012. I performed the audio of the story during that show. That episode is embedded below at the end of the story.