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And Now For Something More On The Order Of Happy

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If you are unfamiliar with the geeky folk/rock musical stylings of Jonathan Coulton, you are seriously missing out. I cannot even imagine what the inside of this man’s mind is like, but I bet it is a lot of fun.

I’ve previously linked to his hilarious “white-boy” cover of “Baby Got Back”, but you should also really check out his original song “Skullcrusher Mountain”, which is available for free via his website. It is a truly hilarious love song from an evil mad scientist and his reluctant lover-to-be. You have to enjoy any love song where the primary romantic gesture is creating a half-monkey/half-pony monster. :)

If you enjoy the song, please leave him a virtual tip via PayPal or buy the song. He just recently finished setting up his online store so that his listeners finally have the option for paying him for bringing us such entertainment. All of his music is released DRM-free and under a Creative Commons license.

I also highly recommend “First of May” off of his album Smoking Monkey. It’s a touching song about the simple joys of fucking outside in springtime. Coulten is an extremely talented musician with a geeky playfulness to his lyrics that always leaves me in stitches. I actually went through and purchased his whole catalog so that I might enjoy all his work, and felt secure in that the money went directly to him.

Seriously, check this guy out. I award him the M.O.I. seal of geeky approval. :D

P.S. Jonathon Coulton: Please come to Madison!