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Another Year Older

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So my birthday is this Thursday, which means I will be a quarter of a century old. That actually does not weird me out very much, although everyone asks me how I feel about it as if it should. My answer always is: Meh.

I have never really made a big deal over my birthday. Usually by the time it comes around I have already felt that old for a while, and I am uncomfortable being the center of attention. For my birthday, I have only ever wanted a nice dinner with my family and some time with my friends hanging out. I am not that picky. I don't even get that excited about the possibility of presents. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy presents, but they are completely unnecessary and if they are items I really want, I will eventually pick them up myself.

However, I am somewhat excited this year as my dad is coming up to visit me for it. He can't make it up on the day, so he is coming up Wednesday afternoon to hang out with me. Which is nice, as my dad is one of the coolest people I know. Whenever I see him, I don't feel obligated to act a certain way or anything like that, he is just like a good friend with a ton of good advice and a bit of a wild side. Seriously, if you want to be laughing your ass off, go to a party with my dad and he will liven things up.

So yeah, I'm a little psyched.