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Aural Pleasure For Geeks

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Last night before bed I listened to the most recent episode of Dragon Page Wingin’ It, which I highly recommend that you go download and listen to. It’s chock full of hilarity, and plenty of sweet geeky goodness. This week’s episode also features a new essay from Mur Lafferty, regarding a bingo variant for watching B-movies (including a drinking-game adaptation). If you are into sci-fi at all, you will laugh a lot during this program.

If you enjoy Wingin’ It, I highly recommend their more structured podcasts Slice of Sci-Fi and Cover-to-Cover, both of which feature interviews with current authors and information about what’s happening in science-fiction. All three shows are professionally produced with great sound quality as well as being a lot of fun.

If you enjoy Mur Lafferty’s essay, I highly recommend that you also check out her podcast Geek Fu Action Grip for fun essays, reviews, reflections on motherhood, and geek culture.