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Celebrity Roommate

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I am such a nerd for being excited about this.

This site is hosted by the fine gentlemen at Logjamming, which also happens to be the same company that hosts Wil Wheaton DOT Net. In fact, Wil Wheaton’s blog is how I found out about this service.

However, after creating my hosting account I discovered that not only am I being hosted by the same company, my site is actually being stored on the exact same machine: Logjamming2. Now, I am sure there are a ton of other sites on Logjamming2 as well, but that is not the point.

The point is: Wil Wheaton and I are digital roommates!

Only we are roommates that never talk to each other, or see each other and really only communicate through Post-it notes left on the fridge. Except that he does not ever see my notes because I only ever get around to putting them on the mini-fridge in my room, whereas I read his regularly.

So, to my new roomie:

Wil, whose turn is it to do dishes? Because you know, I just cleaned the bathroom, man…