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Chrome Extension HOWTO ‎(Chromium Developer Documentation)‎

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Daniel Andrlik
Daniel Andrlik lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia. By day he manages product teams. The rest of the time he is a podcast host and producer, writer of speculative fiction, a rabid reader, and a programmer.

It begins…

People have been dying to start writing extensions for Chrome since it was first released. I’ve actually become accustomed to living without extensions when using Chrome, because the speed and other interface tweaks fit my workflow very well. Still the ability to add extensions to Chrome is a huge step forward.

Currently, you need to use the developer version of Chrome ( instructions here ) to install extensions and the installation/management process is still pretty basic, but it’s a good start.

Now, Google just needs to get versions out for Mac and Linux.


Google Voice Rocks My World
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Google Voice is Google’s upgrade to the GrandCentral service they acquired almost two years ago. I’ve had a GrandCentral account for almost as long as the service existed, but I never found a reason to use it, mostly because the feature set was just short of being useful enough for me to want to manage an additional phone service.
A Few Thoughts On Google+ From A Digital Misanthrope
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This Is Not A Review> This Is Not A Review # I have been using Google+ for a little over a week now, and over the course of that time, I have written several versions of this post you are reading right now.
HTML Video Codec Support in Chrome
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Google is dropping H.264 support in Chrome, in favor of WebM and Theora. Considering the tide of sites that are doing H.264 streaming these days, this seems like a bad move.