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Comic Geek Heaven: Batman Begins

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Last night I attended the midnight showing of Batman Begins. All I have to say is: Holy shit! That movie had everything I ever wanted in a Batman movie, and effectively managed it all. This movie will revive the Batman franchise and I hope to god that the cast has signed on for sequels.

Christian Bale nailed Bruce Wayne and Batman, which is a challenging combination to play. In fact, all the actors nailed their parts, and the richness of the comic’s world was brought fully into play. The coolest thing was they managed to achieve all this without being schlocky or cheesy. It is an intense and powerful movie and I was riveted to the screen incapable of speech.

Batman Begins is an amazing film that is accessible to anybody, but for true comic geeks this is the movie we have been waiting for ever since a Batman movie was ever conceived.

Don’t get me wrong, I quite enjoy the Tim Burton films and prior to this they were the standard by which I judged Batman movies. But this film, makes me want to take those old films and push them to the side. Christopher Nolan’s cinematic re-imagining of the story and character will from this point on hold my mind in thrall.

This film successfully adapts a comic to a movie better than any I have seen, including Spiderman. I am not exaggerating when I proclaim Batman Begins:

Best Comic Movie EVER!!!!!