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My friends over at the Creepy Sleepy Show are running a contest you may be interested in. As you know, I am not a big fan of Apple products, but if you are looking for a free MP3 player, they are giving one away! Here are the details:

Computer Village in Rapid City has been kind enough to donate a 512 iPod shuffle to Diamond Mine Media. The iPod will be given away on the Creepy Sleepy Show the first week of September.

How do I win this iPod, you ask? Good question! Simply write a 50-100 word paragraph (or three) on the “Most Creepy Politician Of All Time.” Simple! Email submissions to the Creepy Sleepy Show by the last week of August. Contestants must be 18 (or 21 - whatever is legal in your state) and live in the continental US. The contest will be judged by William “Doq” Stodden, Cody Winchester, Derek Stodden, and Daniel Patterson.

Be funny! Be angry! Be insightful! Be original! There’s a TON of creepy politicians out there (not just the obvious of Bush/Cheny/Rove/Daschle/Clinton), so find your very own to skewer!

There you go, compete away with anger and vitriol!