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Dan Wells on Story Structure

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Daniel Andrlik
Daniel Andrlik lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia. By day he manages product teams. The rest of the time he is a podcast host and producer, writer of speculative fiction, a rabid reader, and a programmer.

This YouTube playlist covers a wonderful lecture on story structure from Dan Wells. Wells is the author of the fantastic novel I Am Not A Serial Killer, which I urge you to pick up and read. I will, of course, post a full review of the book later.

The lecture is about 50 minutes long in total, but it is well worth your time if you have any interest in writing. There is lots of useful information in this talk, and I know using the approach presented in these videos has certainly helped me in my own writing. If you enjoy the lecture, I would encourage you to also check out Writing Excuses, a weekly podcast on writing that Wells hosts along with author Brandon Sanderson and Howard Taylor.


Ted Chiang on Writing
·85 words·1 min
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Great interview with Ted Chiang, who happens to be a rather brilliant science fiction writer. Seriously, if you have not read his wonderful story "Exhalation", you have missed a gem. You can also hear an audio production of that story here.
Tamsyn Muir On Meme References In Her Writing
·206 words·1 min
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The truth is that I am just a very referential writer. And my problem is that I’ve got a very Catholic taste. There’s a hell of a lot of Bible stuff in there too.
Nine Tips for a Legendary Campaign
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So you’re getting ready to kick off a campaign for your gaming group? Before you even get started, ask yourself: are you looking to create a campaign that will simply be fun, or one that your players will be talking about for years to come?