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Drunks & Dragons

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I was randomly searching the iTunes podcast directory a few weeks ago and stumbled across the Drunks & Dragons podcast. Essentially, it’s a series of recorded gaming sessions between friends playing through their first campaign. Rules lawyers may get frustrated, as in the early episodes the DM makes a few errors in interpreting the rules, but they address and correct mistakes they make in later episodes.

While it’s hard to beat the Penny Arcade DnD Podcasts, I’m really enjoying Drunks & Dragons. They’re all funny people, and it’s fun hearing them get better as they play. It’s become a welcome part of my daily commute as I slowly work my way through the campaign.1 It reminds me so much of when I was first getting into roleplaying back in middle school, and it’s giving me the itch to try and play again. It seems more feasible now than ever, since I realized that they are doing it via a pretty awesome Google Hangout app called Tabletop Forge.

I highly recommend this podcast. Make sure to start from the very first episode, and go from there so that you get the whole campaign.

  1. I have a short drive, so I’m consuming it in 15 minute chunks. ↩︎