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Feeling A Little Inspired

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I was going to write a short little post about how unproductive my last few days have been. I had plenty of stories to tell about watching DVDs, reading and staring at the walls of my apartment. I had planned to tell you all about how many times I looked at my laundry deciding that I didn’t feel like doing it, or how often I thought of errands I should probably run on my days off that I elected to ignore. In fact, I even had a full out whining post prepared in my mind about how little I was accomplishing on my personal projects.

That post will have to wait.

In the last few hours I have had the most amazing spell of creative energy. While my coding certainly hasn’t progressed, the short story I was working on has exploded from some initial character and scene work into something very big. Over the course of this evening I have seen what I originally intended to be a small project turn into the outline of what looks like it might be a novel. I had actually been struggling with a couple of stories I was working on, and then in fit of boredom tonight I tried putting them together and seeing what I came up with, which actually looks pretty promising. Anyway, I won’t say anything more about it because I am a little superstitious and believe it is bad luck to talk to much about a writing work in progress.

I do have a few essays in the works that I plan to set aside some time to post up here over the next few days and I promise to let this other project make me become anti-social. :)