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* grumble grumble *

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This last Saturday was a little irritating. First, we had football shuttles, which weren’t terribly organized due to the UW wanting to change the plan after we started as well as the usual “first of the year” craziness. Because I was the guy working the radio and AVL system, I was supposed to somehow get it all coordinated without screwing up the main line service any more than we had to. By the time we got everything back on time (which took a while with a lot of finagling), I was exhausted. I went back and ran the para-transit schedules which were feeling obstinate and refusing to work with me.

To reward myself for not losing my temper with anyone I comped-off a half hour early and went up to check out Taste of Madison. There is something about food centered events that just make me… not very hungry. I wandered around for a bit, nothing was really jumping out at me and it was all overpriced. I ended up settling on a ridiculously small portion of jambalaya and a walnut baklava for dessert. Although I will say that Taste of Madison is much more eclectic than say, Taste of Cedar Rapids where you can really only choose from a number of vendors who are all selling either BBQ pork or sweet corn.

The sad thing was that almost as soon as I got up to the Square to begin exploring the buckle on my sandals broke. I love my sandals, I got them on vacation shortly after I first started to scuba dive. They are very comfortable and don’t absorb much water, which makes them perfect for when you are on a boat. I cannot repair the buckle, even if I was one of those mechanically gifted individuals, so it looks like I need to find a new pair. :-(

On the plus side, my copy of Zero Effect just arrived in the mail, so I think I will watch that. It is a very good movie and I have not seen it in years.

More essay content coming soon.