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I am amused.

The Isthmus Daily Page, which is the digital version of one of Madison’s free weekly newpapers cited my entry where I wrote about my short trip to the Taste of Madison. (Although they didn’t get the link to my blog correct.) The funny thing is that in collecting blog entries they were obviously looking for positive reviews, but my entry was intended to be more of a “meh” reaction to the event. The reason this is particularly funny is that instead of posting a brief snippet of a sentence they included my entire paragraph about the experience including my comments about small portions and general overpricing of the products, and mine is probably (while maybe not an out and out negative review) certainly the least positive of the tiny bits and pieces they pulled from other sites.

Of course, in all fairness, I was pretty grumpy when I went to ToM, and my sandal disaster didn’t endear the experience to me.