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Help The Browncoats Out

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If you have not seen Serenity yet, please consider going to see it this weekend. Or if you have seen it, please consider seeing it again this weekend. Sources at Universal indicate that this weekend’s ticket sales will determine whether they greenlight the next two movies in the Big Damn Trilogy. And hey, here’s a contest!

The all-important second weekend of Serenity in theaters fast approaches. We know you are planning on taking everyone you know to the film, and now that dedication can pay off!

Send in your Serenity ticket stubs for a chance to win cool Serenity prizes!

One lucky winner will get an international Serenity poster signed by Summer, Jewel, Gina, Adam, Nathan, Morena, Sean and Joss, an official Serenity Tshirt and a Serenity Prize Pack (bandana, chopsticks, window cling, mug, patch).

Five runners-up will get Serenity Prize Packs.

How do you enter? Mail your Serenity ticket stubs dated between Friday October 7 - Sunday October 9 to Serenity Leader, with your name phone number and email address either written on the back of your stub or on an attached sheet of paper. The more ticket stubs you enter, the more chances you will have to win!

Remember, the stubs must be dated from Friday October 7 - Sunday October 9 to be entered. All entries must be postmarked by October 11th to be eligible. Winners will be selected by a random drawing. Sorry, we can only accept ticket stubs from U.S. and Canadian theaters.

Please mail your tickets to:

Serenity Leader 235 Park Ave South 5th floor New York, NY 10003 Ends Oct 10, 2005

Help the Browncoats, help me, and let’s get those sequels made!