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I Am Dumb

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So one of the coolest things my dad got me for my birthday was a new computer desk to replace the cunningly stacked boxes that I have been using the last few weeks. It is very pretty and super nice. I was so excited as I moved the boxes into my spare room, and set my computer up on this new piece of furniture.

Upon setting up my computer I noticed that my speakers were no longer working, despite a functioning sound card. I adjusted the volume knob again and again. I double checked that they were properly connected to the computer, and everything was fine. It was then I noticed that the speakers were not displaying their power indicator light. Aha!

I double checked my surge protector, and found that the speakers were plugged in just fine. I tried switching outlets, and that did not improve the situation either. Puzzled, I turned off the surge protector, waited a minute and turned it on again. Still nothing.

Thoughts flew through my mind. Maybe I gave the speaker a shock when I was reconnecting it. Maybe I pulled one of the connectors too hard by accident. Swearing to myself in frustration that I may have to buy new speakers, I pulled out my screwdriver and opened them up to examine that all the wires were properly connected to the board inside. Nothing appeared out of place and with irritation I closed them up again, now convinced I was going to have to make a trip to the store to replace the speakers that came with my brand new computer.

Suddenly, a thought struck me, so embarrasing in nature I almost tossed it away out of hand. Grimacing, I examined the right speaker again, and found the answer, so simple all of my geeky solutions overlooked it.

I pressed the power button.