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I Feed The Google Monster, It Excretes Data…

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Today, I finally got my Google Analytics invite. I can’t remember when I first applied for it, but it must have been several months ago.

I have heard tales on the web that GA is slow and can bog down page loading, but I haven’t noticed any difference since I added the code to my template. Let me know if things start to hang.

I won’t start seeing reports off of the gathered data for about 24 hours, so I cannot speak to the quality of the service yet. The documentation indicates that reports will generally only update every 24 hours, so I will be curious if the supposed depth of information Google promises will be able to compete with the speed of my beloved Statcounter. Although I will say that the GA interface totally kicks Statcounter’s ass, so my hopes are high.

I will have a full review for you all in a couple weeks after I have played around with the service a bit.