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“I Love This Show”

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I just finished watching Elizabeth again. God, I love this movie. Seriously, it is one of my favorite movies, but I often forget about it, so it’s a special treat when I pull the DVD down off the shelf and pop it in again. If you have never seen this film you are missing out.

It tells the story of Queen Elizabeth I of England’s rise to power, and the struggles she goes through as she attempts to preserve her throne as well as her life. Tense, powerful and perhaps even a little romantic, it is simply awesome. It features one of Cate Blanchett’s first starring roles and her stellar Golden Globe winning performance is wonderful to watch. In addition you have Christopher Eccleston playing a bad guy as only Eccleston can, an amazing cast of supporting characters and of course, Geoffrey Rush playing the most bad-ass practitioner of real politik I have ever seen on the screen.

Take some time and watch this film again if you have seen it, as it gets better every time I view it. If you have not had an opportunity to enjoy this flick yet, then by all means find some time to do so!

Seen the movie? Agree/Disagree? Think I am full of it? Leave a comment!