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I Screwed Up

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I am an adult, and I can admit a mistake.

When I first signed up for webhosting with Logjamming, I was really excited. I liked their personality and I dug the idea of working with an independent hosting service catered to creative geeks. The prices seemed reasonable and I could get the unused portion of my pre-payment back if it didn’t work out.

Well, it didn’t work out, and I should have anticipated the problem. I knew they wouldn’t be able to provide around the clock technical support, but I never received responses to any of my issues with the exception of my request to cancel my account. In their defense, I think they built up quite a bit of backlog to sift through the past week, but unfortunately I will need to have a much faster response, especially as soon as the Diplomacy server development kicks into high gear. Logjamming can be a great service if your needs are pretty simple and you are good at troubleshooting stuff yourself. As a plus, it is geared towards bloggers, so their services are ideally suited to blog hosting. The gentlemen who run it are really nice, and even after I cancelled my account they answered my past support questions in their queue that could affect me on other services as well.

The guys who run Logjamming are great, but I think for my needs I require a more reliable company to work with. So, I’ve moved my hosting (after a hell of a lot of research) to The set up was actually really easy, and what few issues I had they responded to and dealt with in less than five minutes from my initial communication to resolution and closing of the trouble ticket. I have got a ton more features and space available to me and I’m saving about a $1 a month on it, plus I won’t need to upgrade my plan like I would at Logjamming (unless the Diplomacy server becomes ridiculously huge, which I am currently incorporating space-saving procedures into the server design).

I will keep everyone posted on how this host works out over the next year.

And to my former roommate: Wil, I’m sorry it didn’t work out. See you around. :)