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I’m Back, But In A Different Place

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Well, I have returned to the Internet, and much has changed in the interim. I got the Madison job and have started training as an Operations Supervisor at Madison Metro. It’s a really cool place and everyone is super friendly and helpful. All of my colleagues are very nice. I have not had much of a chance to explore the town yet as I am trying to save money until I get my first paycheck at my new salary.

My little sister may come up to visit me in two weeks, which will be cool. Hopefully I’ll have the guest room set up by then, but probably not. It will most likely be the futon in the living room for her.

Training is good. I am going to resume Aikido at a dojo in town as soon as possible and I’m actually writing again!! I also have a Diplomacy game server in the works that I hope to finish coding in the next few months. We will see how it goes!