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I’m Not Dead

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Wow, I’ve been slacking with this blog the last few days, but with good reason. I had a very busy weekend and now I am ill.

This weekend I had my normal crazy work schedule, although the multiple viewings of Serenity did mess up my sleep schedule a bit. As an added bonus I went to one of the best parties I had been to in a while on Saturday night. It was the birthday party of my friend’s girlfriend and I had a blast. There was lots of lovely food, good wine, fun and interesting conversation. To round out the evening, some random naked guy wearing a clown mask hopped the fence and did a little dance in the yard before running off. I didn’t see him at first, I looked up to see him running away after people started laughing. Last I heard a dog was chasing him down Segoe Road, or it may have been the next guest who arrived shortly after. Opinions vary.

Of course, now I am sick with some type of minor cold. I still went to Aikido practice, which may have been a bit insensitive to my classmates, but I really felt the need to go since I couldn’t attend Friday’s class due to a minor knee injury I had to let heal. Although it was very productive today, and I think I am much closer to working out the problems that I had developed with my front rolls.

I promise more posts later with actual content to them after I recuperate.