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Is Dvorak Right? Further Evidence For Consideration

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Via Digg:

Apparently, Microsoft is holding a sweepstakes to give away MacBook Pros and iPods. The initial link to the contest is found on their Office for Mac page, and the list of prizes can be found here.

Okay, I know Microsoft is market and encourage Apple users to buy Office, and in fact Bill Gates owns quite a bit of Apple stock, but doesn’t this seem a little too friendly for these two competing companies? Especially in light of the recent observations made by John C. Dvorak?

Perhaps those that have been quick to call Dvorak’s assessment insane may want to reconsider their accusations and wait to see how it all plays out.

I certainly am going to reconsider my certainty regarding Apple’s determination to maintain its proprietary OS. This theory is like a virus, once it gets a foothold in your head it begins to propogate and grow in influence.

It makes me chuckle. :)