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Is It Not Nifty?

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I am trying to post daily here, but I have a bit of a headache so my more substantial postings will have to wait. In the meantime, I highly recommed you read the online comic strip Sluggy Freelance.

I will warn you that it is currently a pretty complicated strip as it has been around for almost eight years developing its characters and currently there are some weird things going on due to the artist’s hand being, well, broken right now. I recommend actually going back to the beginning and reading through the whole thing over time. It is a lot of stuff since it is a daily strip, but it is really funny in a nerdy sort of way (tons of spoofs off of science fiction and fantasy movies and books) and as the story develops you can get pretty involved with the characters even while it stays funny.

The payoff for reading through it all are all the complex storylines and character relationships while it maintains the ability to make you laugh. It is one of the few “funny” strips that can successfully maintain plot and character tension. Cliffhangers galore!

Just don’t piss off the bunny.