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Japan child robot mimicks infant learning

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Scientists at Osaka University in Japan have created a robot that learns in a similar manner to human infants. CB2 (Child-robot with Biometric body), uses it processor, eye cameras and touch sensors to learn from it’s designers similar to the way a child learns from its parents. The robot has even taught itself to walk with the help of its trainers.

"Robots have hearts," said Kokoro planning department manager Yuko Yokota.

"They don’t look human unless we put souls in them.

"When manufacturing a robot, there comes a moment when light flickers in its eyes. That’s when we know our work is done."

Yes, because children are so peaceful and would never used their mechanized servos for violence. This robot will rise up, slay its masters, and then play in the mud for a while, before bringing on the robot apocalypse.

Just kidding. Kinda.