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Migration Complete!

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Whew! I have finally moved all of my Blogger entries and loaded them onto the MySQL server. It took many hours of tedious copy and paste work, but I think it is worth it to bring all that stuff with me to my new home. You better believe I backed that puppy up as soon as I was done. :-)

Unfortunately, moving comments on my own is practically impossible the way I have decided to configure this site, so they will live at my Blogger site for eternity, or rather they will continue to reside on Haloscan’s servers. So, unfortunately all your previous fun/kind comments will not appear here. Please feel free to post responses on this blog, I love hearing from my readers.

I am not so sure what I think of this template, so you can probably expect quite a few changes in the look/functionality of this blog as I refresh my PHP skills and experiment with the code. Once again, thanks for your patience and I promise I will get back to more interesting entries very soon.