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New Arrivals Jan 2023

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I try to post cool new arrivals from Kickstarters and pre-orders when they arrive, usually to my Mastodon account,1 but with the business at work and with the podcast it slipped past me. In part, because work has required some overseas travel of late, so I haven’t always been home when the items arrive!

TTRPG Arrivals>

TTRPG Arrivals #

Three RPG sourcebooks arranged in a fan out position. Far left is Tidebreaker, then Mystic Lilies, followed by the Blade Runner RPG.
New TTRPGs from Kickstarter campaigns

To begin with, three Kickstarters fulfilled over the last few months and I’m thrilled with all the final products. In this batch we have Nick Butler’s Tidebreaker, a cinematic action RPG well suited for doing Shonen-style anime tales, although it could be applied to many other cases too. Then there is Will Uhl’s Mystic Lilies, a card-based RPG where you play as young witches. And finally we have Free League Publishing’s licensed Blade Runner RPG.

Book Arrivals>

Book Arrivals #

Three novels are pictured arranged in a line. The first is The Twisted Ones by T. Kingfisher, the second is Devil House by John Darnielle, and the third is What Moves the Dead by T. Kingfisher.
New novels to read!

Ok, this section is a bit of a cheat as these are basically all presents I received for Christmas, but they’re also new and exciting, so there.

In this batch we have two horror books from T. Kingfisher, What Moves the Dead and The Twisted Ones. Both I’ve been dying to read since I finished The Hollow Places earlier last year. And then we have another highly anticipated book, which is Devil House by John Darnielle.2

Not pictured above is the beautiful Art of Dune book covering the designs from the 2021 motion picture.

Cover of coffee table book, The Art of Dune, which depicts a stylized drawing of a sand worm.
I mean, just look at this thing!

It’s quite a thing to see in person.

New Workbook>

New Workbook #

Thick workbook with label wrapped around cover showing that this is the Anti-Planner by Dani Donovan
It’s not a planner, it’s better than that.

Last but not least, is a book I preordered quite a while ago. Dani Donovan, an advocate for neurodiverse individuals and the creator behind ADHD Comics has created The Anti-Planner. It’s a workbook that rather than trying to organize your life, instead contains oodles of exercises and games to help you find motivation when you’re struggling to get stuff done. It’s naturally geared towards neurodiverse people3 and it’s organized by the emotion you are feeling when you’re stuck.

Their were some printing delays on this one so she had sent out sample exercises in advance to customers and they were all clever and helpful.

Let’s Fucking Go>

Let’s Fucking Go #

I’m excited to dig into all of these but my first order of business is to finish Wayward, which is Chuck Wendig’s follow-up to his epic novel Wanderers. I’m just getting started on this one, but I’m already sucked in.

  1. It used to be Twitter as well, but that ship has sailed. ↩︎

  2. You may also know him as a musician, where he records as The Mountain Goats↩︎

  3. Such as people with ADHD. ↩︎