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Not Really A Review Of Silent Hill

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Against my better judgment, I went to go see the movie adaptation of Silent Hill this weekend. While I’ll agree with the guys at Penny Arcade that I should not pretend this was a good movie by any stretch of the imagination, I will say that I enjoyed it. In fact, even with its sad, pathetic little script and the horrible acting inflicted on the audience by star Rahda Mitchell (of Pitch Black fame), I was really enjoying it up until the end.

The movie is just so bizarre and fucked up I couldn’t help but get caught up in its nightmarish vision. It is bizarre, creepy and downright fun, which while I have never played the original game seems to measure up with my friends’ accounts of the experience. Unfortunately, near the end they try to tie it all together with one long monologue of exposition (sin among sins!), which is my most hated cinematic cheap trick. Afterwards the movie just goes completely over the top, which unfortunately ruined the whole atmospheric vibe and resulted in me being less engaged in the movie.

If you liked the game, this movie is definately worth seeing. Otherwise, I wouldn’t pay more than matinee price for it, if that. However, it is a lot of fun if you are into the freaky stuff.

As I stated in the title, this really isn’t a review of the movie, because quite simply the best review for it has already been written. Check out Vern’s review as posted by Moriarty on Aint It Cool News, and it will lay it all out for you.