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Original Star Wars Trilogy Coming To DVD

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Be still my beating heart!

Due to the enormous pressure and demand from fans, LucasFilm is going to be releasing the original unedited versions of the Star Wars trilogy on DVD. Each movie will be released indivdually in a two disc set containing the tainted remastered version (that makes babies cry) as well as the original theatrical edition as a special feature. Which of course means that all the fans that bought the DVD trilogy will have to buy those movies all over again just to get the originals. While there isn’t a price listed yet, I’m relatively sure you’ll be paying for the price of both movies. Why does Lucas hate us?

To top it all off, these DVDs are a limited release, meaning they’ll only be available for purchase between September 12th and December 31st, which is also a shitty move to garner more profit. It is like rubbing salt in our wounds, which are have been inflicted by forcing us to pay for the impure versions all over again. All I have to say is that LucasFilm had better press enough copies to satisfy demand or I will be a very unhappy camper amongst an overwhelming mob of geek rioters.

But, oh the joy! Han shooting first, no Hayden Christensen, and the return of my beloved Ewok song! Yub Nub!

Be aware that the grounds of retail stores will be littered with the bodies of those that try to get the limited release before I do.

You can read about the release here.