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Coffee-stained dispatches from the Minister of Intrigue.


TIL - Running make apidocs for Read the Docs
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TIL python
I was hacking on my quote service the other day, and notice that Read the Docs wasn’t building my module level documentation, which meant that anyone that wanted to look at said modules in more detail was getting a 404 error.
Weeknotes 2022-02-25
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Weeknotes personal
This Week In, Well Everything: I have been horrified by the news coming out of Texas and Alabama, and strongly encourage you to donate to organizations that help trans youth and combat the hate in those places.
Weeknotes 2022-02-19
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Weeknotes personal
I’m trying to get back into the habit of writing more regularly here, and taking some inspiration from Quentin I’m going to start doing brief weekly updates. My hope is that doing these short posts will get me back in the groove and lead me to resuming more detailed write-ups.
GDPR Rulings Making Waves in 2022
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Articles privacy
A few GDPR rulings have recently been handed down that are going to be causing major shakeups across a number of sites and services. This year’s off to a wild start.
Tamsyn Muir On Meme References In Her Writing
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Articles writing
The truth is that I am just a very referential writer. And my problem is that I’ve got a very Catholic taste. There’s a hell of a lot of Bible stuff in there too.


Nine Tips for a Legendary Campaign
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So you’re getting ready to kick off a campaign for your gaming group? Before you even get started, ask yourself: are you looking to create a campaign that will simply be fun, or one that your players will be talking about for years to come?


Vote for Explorers Wanted!
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It’s been a wild first six months for those of us at Explorers Wanted, and we’ve been humbled and astounded by our growing community of listeners. I love making our show, and talking with our fans has been a delight.
Introducing Explorers Wanted
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It isn’t news to anyone that I’m a big fan of Numenera. It is my favorite game to run and I will shamelessly hype for it to anyone who will listen.
Wisdom from Molly Conway
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You don’t have to monetize your joy. — Molly Conway, The Modern Trap of Feeling Obligated to Turn Hobbies Into Hustles


Umberto Eco on the appeal of the cliché
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When all the archetypes shamelessly burst in, we plumb Homeric depths. Two clichés are laughable. A hundred clichés are affecting–because we become obscurely aware that the clichés are talking to one another and holding a get-together.
NY Review of Books: A Universe of One's Own
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Quotes sff books history
[Joanna] Russ had no patience for a genre predicated on the notion of speculative technologies but unable to imagine social institutions and women’s roles in them as freely. She would surely have objected to some of the stories in The Future Is Female.
New Fiction: A Heart Has Roots of Flame and Blood
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Articles fiction writing
I’ve posted a new short story in Ye Olde Fiction section. This one’s for anyone who’s felt alien, and trapped by the weight of their own feelings. It’s also a reminder that those feelings can have power, even if it manifests in unexpected ways.
Running Invisible Sun: The Shadows of Her Eyes
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Articles gaming ttrpg invisible sun
Last Tuesday, I wrapped up a two-month introductory adventure for Invisible Sun. It was my first time running the game, and all my players were new to it as well. One other had also backed the original Kickstarter, but this was his first opportunity to play.
Warren Ellis on making mistakes
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Quotes art
Warren Ellis’ commencement speech to University of Essex at Southend is a delight to read. I particularly loved this bit. Making mistakes happens when you’re trying something new. It’s how you know you’re bending the envelope.
Jacinda Ardern's inspiring response to the Christchurch shooting
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Quotes news
This is a hell of a speech from New Zealand’s PM on the Christchurch shooting. We cannot know your grief, but we can walk with you at every stage. We can.
Xia Jia on time
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I gave a lecture on time travel where, using the “butterfly effect,” I explained that we cannot predict the weather or one’s trajectory in life accurately. Every second in our past matters equally.
NYT on the Secret History of Women in Coding
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Articles tech history
The NYT recently ran a wonderfully in-depth story covering the history of women in coding. The issue of note for the article is that in the beginning of computer science the gender balance among programmers was basically equal.
Your prescribed dose of garden photos
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One of my favorite places to visit is Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA. Exhausted from the gray and brown of winter, today my family made the trek out there for their Orchid Extravaganza.
The Terror of a Future America in Vigilance
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Vigilance by Robert Jackson Bennett In his latest novel, Vigilance, Robert Jackson Bennett shows us the plausible terror of an America which has utterly given up preventing gun violence and instead embraced it.
Cal Newport on digital minimalism
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To succeed with this approach, a useful first step is to remove from your smartphone any apps that make money from your attention. This includes social media, addictive games and newsfeeds that clutter your screen with “breaking” notifications.