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Podiobook Recommendation: How To Disappear Completely

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I highly HIGHLY recommend you go over to Podiobooks and subscribe to the novel How To Disappear Completely: The Terrible Business of Salmon and Dusk by Myke Bartlett. It is strongly written, with interesting characters, and a story that reaches out, grabs you and pulls you along for a twisted ride through the dark alleyways of London.

From Podiobooks description:

Part film noir detective story, part fantasy adventure, part East End gangster tale, How to Disappear Completely concerns Theo Braithwaite, a failed actress and worse waitress, becoming involved in an unseen world populated by history's rejects and runaways from a secret society known as The Footmen. A stranger to London, waiting for life to come and find her, she is instead found by a part-time thief called Kilbey Salmon who, along with his rockabilly-obsessed partner, is attempting to eke out a living stealing things that have already been stolen and finding people who don't want to be found.

An episodic narrative, Kilbey and Nero’s capers will drag Theo through the forgotten parts and people of London, hunted by ancient sects, carnivorous shadows, cannibalistic butchers and off-duty policemen. Along the way she’ll meet the Eternal Footmen, blow up Hammersmith Bridge, reach the end of history and quite possibly disappear completely.

If Theo is to survive, she’ll need to get her life sorted before all of our futures catch up with her.

The recordings are extremely well performed by the author, and I have to tell you I am hooked. In my enthusiasm I have forced my feed all the way through the first five chapters overnight, and I have even listened to some chapters more than once to get the most enjoyment of Bartlett’s delightful wordplay. Of course, now I am kicking myself as this is a podiobook in progress (five chapters recorded as of today) and now I must wait in suspense for the next installment.

If you are an impatient sort of person, maybe one of the completed podiobooks would be better for your first feed, but let me tell you that Myke Bartlett’s How To Disappear Completely is going to be well worth the wait.