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Quick Post: Tweaking Feeds

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Just a short post to say that I’m altering the Everything feed1 for this site. Previously, it contained all the blog posts, links and photos that appear here. However, as I am piping this feed into several external sites, notably Google Buzz, and until services like Buzz allow me to specify particular feeds for import, as opposed to using auto-discovery, I risk flooding my activity stream every time I do a mass upload to my Flickr account. I’d rather not annoy anyone, so I’m temporarily removing photo posts from the Everything feed. If you still wish to see my photos as I post them, feel free to subscribe to my Flickr feed.

Hopefully, this will just be temporary, and I’ll be able to specify my customized Google Buzz feed later without interfering with the primary feed, at which point I will return photos to this subscription feed. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Also, because I haven’t repeated the word often enough: feed. :-)

  1. Legacy link. No longer valid. ↩︎