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Quote: Simon Willison on LLMs

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I’m personally skeptical that LLMs provide enough benefit to outweigh their potential harm, and so I deeply appreciate those who are attempting to make them work without relying on pixie dust.

Simon Willison provides some spot-on guidance regarding both the promise and limitations of these technologies.

I think the message we should be emphasizing is this:

These are incredibly powerful tools. They are far harder to use effectively than they first appear. Invest the effort, but approach with caution: we accidentally invented computers that can lie to us and we can’t figure out how to make them stop.

There’s a time for linguistics, and there’s a time for grabbing the general public by the shoulders and shouting “It lies! The computer lies to you! Don’t trust anything it says!”

Simon Willison, We need to tell people ChatGPT will lie to them, not debate linguistics