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Resolution Update: Feb 2014

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Earlier this year, I wrote about my resolutions for 2014, and in that post I promised a monthly follow-up where I would report on my progress towards each of my defined goals. This is the first of those updates.

Health Goal>

Health Goal #

Target: Lose 25 lbs and maintain weight at that level.

I’ve made progress here. I’ve been using a combination of calorie tracking via MyFitnessPal, and starting an exercise routine of Vinyasa yoga. However, during the month of January, I took a vacation back to visit family in the Midwest, and during that time completely ignored my routine. This means that as of this morning I’ve only lost about 6 lbs, but given the vacation, I’m pleased with my weight loss so far.

Creative Goal>

Creative Goal #

Target: Finish the first draft of my book (approximately 70,000 new words)

I’ve made far less progress here. The last time I worked seriously on this project I went down into an all-consuming hole, and it’s been a difficult trick figuring out a way to avoid the same thing happening when I try again. So, I’ve been focusing on the health goal initially while I try to find a reasonable way to structure work time for this in a manner that does not interfere with being a good father or husband.

On We Go>

On We Go #

I imagine future months will merit more details, but I think the most important thing now is that I maintain accountability for my resolutions, rather than wrapping each update in a pretty bow.