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Second Life Begins Preparations for Next Gen Virtual Reality

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Second Life has always been one the pioneering efforts for Virtual Reality, and its in-sim economy has always been really impressive. Now, it sounds like the folks at Linden Labs are getting ready to prep its platform for integration with gear such as the Oculus Rift.

Linden Lab is marshaling its expertise and experience in building immersive, functional virtual worlds to make a proper successor to the Second Life platform and take advantage of the bold new world of immersive VR. Specifically, Linden sees a huge opportunity in making it easier for people to build and share cool virtual reality experiences.

Matt Weinberger, This company was 13 years early to virtual reality — and it’s getting ready to try again

The only challenge that Linden Labs suffered from was that they were way ahead of their time. With the resurgence of interest in VR, this is a perfect time for them to make another splash.