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Serenity Is Imminent

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For those of you sci-fi fans who may have been living in a cave, the movie Serenity comes out this Friday. As I am sure you know, this film is based off of the wonderful, if short-lived television series Firefly. I am so excited for this movie. If it is even comparable to the TV series it will be worth the wait. The trailers for it have been kind of weak, but feedback from the advance screenings have been very positive.

I could have registered as a blogger and been able to attend one of the press screenings, but it was in Milwaukee and until I replace my car I am making no trips out of town. Ah, well I am still going to see it immediately upon opening, which is convenient because with my work schedule I’ll probably only get to see it this weekend if I go to a midnight show. So my attendance late on Thursday night is justified. :-)