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Don't tell anyone, but I am writing this at work.

I sat down, looked at the mammoth pile of paperwork on my desk, looked at my code and became numb with anti-productivity.

I fired that kid this morning. That went okay. The kid was kind of an idiot, but he realized he was caught and he was expecting termination at this point. It is easier that way. I hate being the bad guy, so it is always miserable for me when they don't understand and I feel like a real jerk when they cry. But, I have never terminated anyone unless I felt certain it was the best recourse for the organization, and that I had exhausted other options.

Laura, another manager in the organization just called in on her way to the office. After much cajoling, Tom (yet another manager) and I convinced her to bring food to the office for all of us. That is good, because I am very hungry and it means I can try to get more work done before I go to class today.

I should try to get back to work now. So much to do.