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So Freaking Tired

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Today I was covering for a colleague, which involved working from 4am this morning to 2pm this afternoon. The worst part was that since I’ve gotten used to going to work at 8am, I could not get myself to go to sleep until some point after midnight. This means that by the time I got up this morning I had about two hours of sleep, and I have been subsisting on coffee and other caffeinated products all day long.

The funny bit is that I got pulled from the duties I was covering for an important meeting regarding the redesign of our training program due to my extensive background in training from my previous employer, and I actually managed to stay alert for the whole time. Go me. :-)

Of course, now it is only 4pm and I am ready to crawl into bed and pass out. Unfortunately, I just started a totally engrossing novel which promises to keep me up for a while. When I finish I promise a full formal review!

Good night.