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It is strange that I haven’t been blogging more now that I am no longer a data gypsy. I think it probably has to do with the fact that I’ve been working on some fiction recently so when I feel compelled to write I work on that. Also it may have to do with the fact that the last two weeks I have been working from 4am in the fucking morning to noon Monday thru Friday! Thankfully, I’m on my next schedule while training for my new job. Things are actually going pretty well besides those first crappy shift times. I’ve got my new city email and user space, and I just put in my order for my business cards.

In a couple weeks I should have my new computer, so I will be able to begin development for my Diplomacy game server. For those of you familiar with the game you are probably aware of a multitude of Diplomacy information sites, as well as the very essential Diplomatic Pouch site. They are the designers and maintainers of the DPJudge software, which has become the primary method of playing online Diplomacy games, and is a very fine game system.

Essentially, I will be writing a new application and site to manage Diplomacy games, with emphasis on features I have found lacking in all previous attempts to digitize this game. I don’t feel comfortable getting into some of the features I have planned for the system just yet. At least not until I feel I have a clearer grasp on some of the finer details. However, I will say that this will be an ambitious project and that the application will have a robust set of negotiation tools, and that the system will eliminate the need for a one individual to sit back and manage the game. Instead, the application will monitor and manage all games so that everyone involved gets to play. Needless to say, the game administration portion of the software will require a lot of careful planning in order to meet all needs. There are several other major features I will discuss later, once I am farther down the development path and have a clearer idea how they will work. Still, it is an exciting project. I mean, in a geeky way.