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Victory Is Mine!

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I finally solved a small but annoying little problem I was encountering with my domain email. You see, my ISP (evil, evil) does not let me open connections to SMTP servers outside of a certain predefined range, which my domain is beyond. So I have been sending out emails from my domain through one of the accepted servers which while providing a correct reply-to address showed the funky mismatched address in the from field on emails I sent.

I have recently solved this little difficulty through a feature I hadn’t noticed in gmail before where you can use an alias address rather than just changing the reply-to address. I must have just overlooked it this whole time! If you are paranoid enough to trace the path of my email, it may show my mail originating from the gmail server, although you’ll know its not someone posing as me because I digitally sign every message from my domain email. So no worries, you tech-saavy crazy kids!

Excuse me while I go stand on a chair to crow in victory.