Weeknotes for 2022-03-04

Posted on Fri 04 March 2022 in Dispatches • 1 min read

This week I:

  • Released django-quotes, the reusable Django app version of my quote service project. It’s available on PyPi, and you can find documentation on adding it to your Django project here.
  • Released episode 112 of Explorers Wanted, which is titled, “A Forbidden Act”.

    The crew lives the merchant life, conducts some trade, and takes in a show.

  • Received my backer copy of Monster Care Squad by Sandy Pug Games. My daughter is so excited about the concept she wants to play this weekend, and she’s already read the rulebook front to back.

    Cover of Monster Care Squad showing a beautiful dragon like creature flying between two mountainsides.

    Monster Care Squad Corebook

  • Finished watching Murderville, a fun little Netflix series where Will Arnett plays a down-on-his-luck homicide detective who gets a new celebrity partner each week. Everyone has the script for the episode except for the guest, who must improv their way through solving the case.

  • Fell significantly behind on audio editing, but should be able to get caught back up by the end of next week.

And that’s it for this week! Take care of yourselves, and remember that you look nice today.