Weeknotes for 2022-03-25

Posted on Fri 25 March 2022 in Dispatches • 1 min read

This week in the world of Daniel:

  • Released two new versions of django-quotes. Those are focused around making the app more flexible for lots of users, and some developer help with typing annotations.
  • Released a new cookiecutter template for my preferred setup for Django packages. This will make starting up new apps much easier for me, and hopefully other people will find cookiecutter-poetry-djangopackage useful as well. It tries to merge a lot of best practices for Django along with extensive linting checks. It uses poetry for dependency management and builds, and attempts to maximize the use of configuration via the pyproject.toml file.
  • I also started learning Rust. It’s early yet, but I am liking some of the features of this language. Ownership, in particular, is a very cool safeguarding technique.
  • In Explorers Wanted news:

    • Released episode 115, Aria Advances.

      Cornered by Aria of the Knyxos, and hampered by an unconscious Nix, our crew of explorers must try to escape a very messy end.

  • Finished Our Flag Means Death, which was a wonderful show that I really hope gets a second season.

That’s a wrap for this week!