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Weeknotes for 2022-03-11

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Weeknotes Personal
Daniel Andrlik
Daniel Andrlik lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia. By day he manages product teams. The rest of the time he is a podcast host and producer, writer of speculative fiction, a rabid reader, and a programmer.

This week in DanielVision:

  • I ran a game of Monster Care Squad for my daughter and wrote down my thoughts.

  • Sent a number of additional job applications out the door. And hey, if your company is doing cool things and looking for seasoned product executive, let me know.

  • In Explorers Wanted news:

    • Released episode 113 of Explorers Wanted, “Cupcake’s Call”:

      The crew meets a personable salvager who has need of backup to explore nearby ruins. Featuring special guest, Tim Lanning ( @TimLanning).

    • Recorded more Explorers Wanted with returning special guest Dan Rodriguez, one of my favorite folks in AP podcasting.

    • Got mostly caught up on audio editing.

    • Scheduled a secret collaboration with another podcast.

  • Read through Simon Willison’s write up on his new shot-scraper utility for automating browser-based screenshots for documentation. I’m very impressed with this tool, and am already using it to automate screenshots of this site to use in preview images when a feature image isn’t already specified.

  • Updated my personal site to use Pelican 4.7.2. I was running on a very old version,1 and I’m quite pleased with the performance improvements in post generation.

  1. 3.7! Time had really slipped away on me. ↩︎


Weeknotes for 2022-03-25
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Weeknotes Explorers Wanted Python Rust Personal Cookiecutter
This week in the world of Daniel: Released two new versions of django-quotes. Those are focused around making the app more flexible for lots of users, and some developer help with typing annotations.
Weeknotes for 2022-03-18
·499 words·3 mins
Weeknotes Personal Python Games Tv Movies Fish Pyenv Asdf Zsh Ohmyzsh Explorers Wanted Pelican
This week in the world of Daniel: I updated my quote service project to use my reusable django-quotes app. This should make maintenance easier. Since this is a backwards-incompatible change, I also updated ewdiscordbot and ewtwitterbot to use the new API endpoints.
Weeknotes for 2022-03-04
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Weeknotes Personal
This week I: Released django-quotes, the reusable Django app version of my quote service project. It’s available on PyPi, and you can find documentation on adding it to your Django project here.