Weeknotes for 2022-04-01

Posted on Fri 01 April 2022 in Dispatches • 2 min read

This week has been both incredibly busy, but also frustrating vague on things I can share. It doesn’t help that I’ve had a cold kicking my ass for the last few days.1 The fact that spring is here, kicking my seasonal allergies into overdrive isn’t great either.

  • I made progress on learning Rust. I can easily see scenarios where using this will be very helpful, although I don’t expect it to replace Python as my go-to language anytime soon. I’m incredibly productive in Python, but I suspect I’ll start defaulting to Rust for when I see memory/performance bottlenecks, or when I want to generate binaries that don’t require a runtime. It’s much friendlier than C, and the safety features are really nice.

  • I’ve been re-reading Monstress, which I cannot recommend highly enough. Amazing world building, characters, and story. And the art is beautiful

    Cover of Monstress graphic novel shows a young woman with long dark hair standing facing a shrine. She has turned her head to look back over her shoulder at the camera.

    Cover of Monstress Volume One

  • In Explorers Wanted news, we released episode 116, Different Destinations.

    The crew attempts to make a plan to deal with the array of issues before them, and makes unpleasant discoveries.

  • I finally got around to watching Nobody, which was incredibly meh despite the novelty of seeing Bob Odenkirk as an action hero.

  • Speaking of meh films, we also tried watching The Adam Project which contrary to reviews turned out to be a real stinker that we couldn’t finish. The outstanding cast was trying their best, but none of them could salvage the terrible script.

  • On a more positive note,we watched the first episode of Moon Knight, which is off to a really promising start.

  • I was also utterly consumed by playing Inscryption, a deck-building/escape room horror game I found incredibly innovative and compelling. So much so that last night I finished my second play through.

That’s it for this week! Take care of yourselves, and don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  1. COVID-19 test is negative, so it’s garden variety.