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Weeknotes for 2024-03-08

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Weeknotes Personal Explorers Wanted
Daniel Andrlik
Daniel Andrlik lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia. By day he manages product teams. The rest of the time he is a podcast host and producer, writer of speculative fiction, a rabid reader, and a programmer.

This week in everything Daniel:

  • Spent time trying to recover from jacking up my back on a recent work trip to Dallas. Thankfully, my home office chair– a Secret Labs Titan –has great lumbar support.
  • Prepping for my next work trip to the Netherlands, which I leave for on Saturday.
  • Made some improvements to my pet project that analyzes podcast feeds. You can learn more about why in this TIL post.
  • Added a uses page to this site, because I’m a huge nerd.
  • For Explorers Wanted:
    • Released a new episode, Difficult Deliveries.

      Ilsene and Ezri struggle to evade notice as they move their respective “cargo”.

      Watch on YouTube: "Difficult Deliveries (Episode 219 Teaser)"
    • Filed our company taxes for 5d20 Media.

    • Spent entirely too much time rearranging my mic and recording settings. Hopefully, this will solve for the extra bass showing up in my track, and make it easier to clear out the higher frequency whistles that sometimes show up over my vowels.

      They’re usually a side-effect of the post processing I need to do to clean my vocals. I’m hoping that this ounce of prevention will solve for a pound of production.

    • Stressed a lot about how our backlog of recordings is almost nothing right now. We’re one scheduling issue away from having to miss a week. Add on the amount of international travel I do, and this gets ugly quick.

  • Wrote a book review on The Tainted Cup by Robert Jackson Bennett.
  • Did the usual song and dance with the pharmacy to acquire my ADHD medication refill prior to my trip. This is always a struggle. I hate it here.
  • Finished watching the Mr. & Mrs. Smith series, which I heartily recommend.
  • Started a rewatch of Blue Eye Samurai, which, if you have Netflix, should jump to the top of your list.
  • Started watching Hazbin Hotel on a recommendation from Alex. The first episode was only so-so, but eps two and three have been delightful.
  • Lots of work projects as always, which I can’t talk about, but I’m excited about them!

And that wraps it up!


Weeknotes for 2024-04-05
·252 words·2 mins
Weeknotes Personal Python Django Hugo Tv Indieweb Explorers Wanted
At this rate I might have to rename this segments to Monthnotes. So let’s at least talk about the last two weeks, shall we? Python, podcasting, media, oh my.
Weeknotes for 2023-05-28
·317 words·2 mins
Weeknotes Personal Development Python Explorers Wanted
It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these. The last few work weeks have been so busy that by the end of the Friday work day I’ve been too tired to write a post. But I’m back home after a week overseas and it’s a long weekend, so let’s use this opportunity to catch up.
Weeknotes for 2023-03-24
·119 words·1 min
Weeknotes Personal Explorers Wanted
I’m in the Netherlands currently so I’ve had lots of meetings while fighting jet lag. This week in Daniel: Finished reading How To Sell a Haunted House by Grady Hendrix. It was an excellent novel about generational trauma, grief, and evil puppets.