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Well That Was Pretty Fast

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Well, I’m already back at my old hosting provider, Celphi. All I’ll say right now is DO NOT EVER use Dreamhost. While Dreamhost offers a stunning amount of storage and bandwidth for the money, they restrict your use of CPU time in such a way that any script-based dynamic site just simply won’t work in the long run through them. Also, their advertising is deceiving because this CPU restriction (which is poorly documented and easy to miss if you aren’t directed to it) means you can never even come close to using your plan’s bandwidth even with static HTML pages. To add insult to injury, their performance is terribly slow even for static page requests.

So, I’m back in my old home, which is fine because Celphi is fast, cheap, very reliable and has great customer service. For my development projects I think I’ll stick to doing them all on my personal box and wait on any additional hosting until I am ready to begin testing with users.

In the midst of moving everything back and forth between databases, a few characters were randomly changed to this bizarre question-mark symbol that I can’t reproduce. I’ve been through the entirety of the blog and I think I’ve caught them all. Unfortunately, these corrections may have made a ton of old entries pop back up on your RSS reader, so I apologize for any inconvenience there.

Sometimes, there’s no place like home. :D