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Who Else Hears Crickets??

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To my ten readers (I may have counted a few of you twice to make myself feel cooler :) ) :

Sorry about the general lack of posting lately. I have been super busy getting online for my friend Dan, which included writing what I think is a relatively cool podcasting plugin for Wordpress. FeedCooker isn’t available for mass distribution yet, as I have a few things I want to iron out in it. So the only version of it currently has a few things hard-coded for the Creepy Sleepy show, although less than you would think.

Pop over and check out the site, leave a comment to make Dan happy and join the forums for all sorts of fun times. I’m also the a moderator and the administrator of the forums at Creepy Sleepy, which has been fairly demanding in the early stages of launch.

Anyhow, I promise to be back and posting with a vengence from now on. Or at least until I find another project to eat up my time. :D