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Writing Report Card: October 2017

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I’ve been writing a lot more lately, shifting my work from a secret passion to more of a serious pursuit. The last few months I’ve been making steady progress on project DARK CONDUIT, and producing short stories which I’ve been submitting to fiction markets. The last couple weeks have been less productive due to a surge of activity at work that ate up most of my headspace. Time to reset and refocus.

One blog I’ve come across in my search for inspiration in dark moments is Rejectomancy, in which author Aeryn Rudel lovingly addresses the topic of rejection, an inevitable, but unpleasant side of the business. One of his recurring features is a monthly report card of his submission and publication results. There’s something appealing about showing your work publicly, even when the results aren’t pleasant, that I find inspiring. With that in mind, I’m going to be starting up a similar feature here. Each month I’ll post a report card summarizing words written, submissions, rejections, and hopefully acceptances.

Here’s the results for this month:

Words Written>

Words Written #

ProjectTypeWords Written
STAMEMShort Fiction2,888
MIRRORWRAPShort Fiction4,658
Market Activity>

Market Activity #


Not an encouraging month, and of course, word count was down due to other parts of my life, but overall I’m feeling focused again, and looking forward to sharing progress as the months go on.