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Yar! I Be A Little Grumpy!

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I am trying to write less about work, and to be totally honest that should not be hard to do. After the last five 10-11 hour days I’ve just finished I really don’t even want to think about it. Although I will say this, I am annoyed that I got out of work late today because it made me miss Aikido, which is kind of like rubbing salt into my wounds. Grr.

On the other hand, my three-day weekend starts today, and I am celebrating with a tasty drink and a low key night. I should be taking some time to straighten my apartment before the contractors come in to renovate the windows, but to be totally honest I just don’t feel like it. I think I will get up early and do some cleaning before the noon class at the dojo, hopefully I’ll be able to reasonably take a shower when I get back, assuming the contractors show up on schedule.

While I am sure most of the people reading this work the standard Monday through Friday, I still raise my glass to you. Here’s to the weekend.